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Putting the sparkle back into the aging rugs of Newcastle.


Specialist Rug Cleaners In Newcastle

Our professional carpet cleaning company in Newcastle clean all types of rugs. Area rugs are some of the most expensive furnishing in your home or office. Our professional carpet cleaners provide only the finest service when cleaning your rugs, upholstery and carpets. Whether in-house or on-site, we’re efficient, thorough and take the utmost pride in our work. Our methods are always consistent and exceed manufacturer’s warranty and care recommendations.

Carpet Cleaners Newcastle understand how it’s important your carpet and upholstery are just as vibrant in colour and smelling just the way they did, the day you bought them. Bring the centerpiece of your living room back to life again, with our professional rug cleaning services in Newcastle.

Other Services

To alleviate the expense of replacing aging and shabby looking carpets and furniture, Carpet Cleaning Newcastle have the services to bring them back to life and looking like new again.

I used Carpet Cleaning Newcastle for the first time and was very happy with their friendly service.

Chris Thompson

I just moved and the people before me had dogs and left the carpet smelling awful. In just a couple hours it was like being in a new house. 

Asher Jones

I wouldn’t choose anyone else to do my carpets. Having them looking like new every time.

Charlotte Garcia

So happy with the service. My carpets are so soft and smell amazing! Thanks again”

Isla Brown

Highly recommend. Took out stains in my carpet that I never thought would come out.

Oliver Johnson

I can’t thank Carpet Cleaning Newcastle enough for everything. They saved my carpets!

Amelia Williams

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